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Hi Daniel, firstly thanks for creating this App its brilliant. I would like to suggest a couple of improvements (apologies if it's already been done- I did look!) this topic being just one- I've posted each separately. Modifying your reminder dialogue- I think it would be a much improved GUI if you had the ability, like the standard iPad calendar, to create reminders and they're various recurring schedules in one fowl swoop eg. have a drop down list of the various recurring alternatives you can create. Just to name a few I would make these as standard: "Daily"; "weekly"; "business days only" or "Mon - Fri"; "monthly"; "annually" and "custom" which will allow the user to enter in whichever date & time he/she feels suits the task at hand eg. every second Thursday as well as maybe the last three days prior to the scheduled deadline you could have a reminder set to "daily" @ 9:00 am with the reminders set to expire by default on the deadline's date. In my humble opinion these lists/alternative solutions should be created with the idea being that it will be without parallel In any other similar type App. In my view there is nothing more annoying when setting a reminder not to be able to set it to your own particular preferences. To rectify this situation is not that difficult, I'm surprised really that it isn't done as standard. once again thanks for creating this App and I look forward to reading your perspective on this, regards, Paul

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