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Phenomenal Woman
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1) Allow iPhone Calendar created events/to do's copy to To Do's app Lists (Next/Inbox) and not just the To Do's Calendar, so that we may initiate AND edit To Do's from either place! 2) Add/ Integrate feature Request, Feedback and Support into the To Do's App. This online creation sucks and takes too much valuable TIME! Thanks! mb 6/27/11
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Is there a way to create a custom list?...I have not found how to do that.  That would be the only suggestion I could come up with.  Besides that, GREAT APP!  I do agree with Phenomal Woman that the suggestion button would be a great idea in the settings button in the app.

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I have been using the ToDo's app at work and at home for a week now, however, when I'm at work I have many Home related tasks intermingled with my Work related tasks and I'd love to be able to filter my To Do's by the Tag I have set.

May I suggest a new option, maybe under the Lists column, called "Filter by Tags" or something similar. When you press it a list of all the Tags show up with a tickbox next to each. I can then check the tags I want to look at together (ie. one or more). You could also add a "Select ALL" and "Deselect ALL" button for ease of use when quickly filtering the tags on and off.

The way I am achieving separated Work tasks at the moment is to add a star for all my work items and view just the Starred tasks - it works but it means I can't Star any of my non-work tasks. I know I can also press the Tags button in the Lists column, then select just the Work tag but the list view is too narrow and I don't have as much control over this list (eg. priority ordering) as I do in the main lists.

Anyway, it's a great app and helping me to get stuff done more efficiently! THANKS!!!

Cheers :)

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