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I was hoping to get a quick clarification on this apps two versions. Am I correct in thinking that the 'To Do's 2' includes all functionalities rhat 'To Do's' has plus new things ? Is 'To Do's' being sunsetted and replaced by 'To Do's 2' and will have no further updates/work done to it? I had purchased both of these apps, originally thinking the first one would update info The newer one once purchased, and now that i've finally gotten tasks emptied out of it, as I need a little room for other apps-I wanted to confirm if I remove the first to do app, when the releases for to do s 2 is finally available, it will update without problem or have any need of the first app? Seems every app in the iTunes store with variations in version or feTuses has done differently in the update releases between them - I want to keep my to do' s smoothly functioning! Thanks for the confirmation' Ron

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Sorry for taking so long to reply,

To Do's should not interfere with To Do's 2. To Do's 2 will be updated weekly, bringing new features requested by the users.

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